Dealing with a car that won't start up due to weather, collision, or electrical issues? With just one call, our towing specialists will be there to take the vehicle back to our shop for repair services. You'll appreciate our affordable towing services and guaranteeing that your vehicle returns to our shop safely. For fast towing services, contact us at 585-924-3470.

Farmington Service

Our towing services include:

24 Hour Towing

With our 24-hour towing service, you can have your car towed any time of the day and taken back to the garage for repair services. If your car or a car you are driving is disabled, contact Farmington Service at 585-924-3470 for professional around-the-clock towing services. Farmington Service boasts well-maintained tow trucks and highly trained and certified drivers committed to providing professional and courteous services to all our customers.

AAA Approved

AAA (or Triple A) is a federation of motor clubs. The federation includes over 8,000 auto shops throughout the US and Canada. AAA only approves repair shops and towing companies that meet their strict standards. Farmington Service is a AAA Approved Towing Company! This means that you can expect high-quality towing services at Farmington Service. Also, auto repair work from Approved Auto Shops is guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Flatbed Towing

Regarding towing, different car models and situations call for different approaches and types of trailers used. For instance, if your car has become completely disabled, the most appropriate towing trailer is the flatbed trailer, where the disabled car rides atop the trailer. Flatbed towing is one of the safest ways to transport a car. At Farmington Service, we offer professional flatbed towing services. With this service, we can guarantee you that your car makes it back to our shop safely. Give us a call today at 585-924-3470.

Large Vehicle Towing

At Farmington Service, we offer large vehicle towing services. Our heavy wreckers are capable of towing commercial vehicles up to Class 8. With this service, we ensure the safety and security of your truck, trailer, and cargo. Give us a call today at 585-924-3470.

Towing Available - Call for Details

We understand how inconvenient it is when your car breaks down. We aim to help get you back on the road soon. At Farmington Service, we offer professional and friendly towing services. Call Farmington Service today for details at 585-924-3470.

Towing During Business Hours Only

Maybe you have been in an accident, or your car has just failed to start up due to mechanical problems, and you need to have it towed to the garage. If it is not an emergency, you only need towing during business hours. To have the car towed to the garage during business hours, contact Farmington Service. At Farmington Service, we offer professional towing services during business hours. Give us a call at 585-924-3470.

Towing to Our Shop

Auto breakdowns are often unavoidable, regardless of how new your car is or how carefully you drive. When your car breaks down, it is best to tow it to a professional auto repair shop. This way, you can return to the road as quickly as possible. To have your broken-down vehicle towed to a quality auto shop for repairs, contact Farmington Service today. Farmington Service has a 'towing to shop only' service whereby we tow your disabled car to our auto shop for repair.


Wheel-lifts are devices used for towing vehicles by lifting one end of the towed vehicle by the wheels. Because they position the load further back than tow slings do, they help eliminate the risk of damage to modern vehicles that use plastics, air foils, and other aerodynamic styling features. You can trust the towing experts at Farmington Service to tow your car or truck safely and without damage. Call us at 585-924-3470 when you need assistance.

Towing & Recovery

Proudly Serving Shortsville, Manchester, Victor, Macedon, Canandaigua, I-90 NY Thruway, Route 96, Farmington, Ontario County.

Our team includes experienced and well-trained professional drivers, each fully licensed and certified to ensure high-quality auto solutions. Our flatbed trucks and tow dollies are well maintained, and we are continually investing in the latest machinery, tools, and computers to advance our capabilities.

Our drivers and technicians are dedicated to providing you with the most professional service at affordable rates. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, so that you can reach us anytime, day or night. Our technicians are available around the clock to provide local and long-distance towing and recovery services.

24-Hour Towing

Stranded? Farmington Service offers 24-hour towing. Let one of our experienced towing professionals assist you. Please call us at 585-924-3470, and we will get to you quickly so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

AAA Approved Towing

Farmington Service is a AAA-approved towing provider. AAA has inspected and certified our auto shop, guaranteeing expert, professional service.

Accident Recovery

If you are in an emergency, contact us immediately at 585-924-3470. Farmington Service provides reliable, timely towing service. Our towing professionals can meet your unique situation's needs.

Auto Transport

Whether moving cross-country, cross-state, or cross-town, count on Farmington Service to safely transport your automobile. Our experienced drivers can assist you whether you're moving, you've sold your car, or you've bought a car and need transport services. Call us at 585-924-3470 to let us know how we can help you.

Equipment Transport

No matter the size of equipment you need to have transported or the distance you want it taken, Farmington Service can ensure it is delivered safely and on time. Trust the experts at Farmington Service - call us today at 585-924-3470.

Flatbed Towing

Regarding your flatbed towing needs, you can trust the experts at Farmington Service. Our trained and experienced professionals will happily help you with all your flatbed towing needs. Just give us a call at 585-924-3470.

Heavy-Duty Towing

Farmington Service provides heavy-duty towing services for semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, big rigs, and other heavy equipment. If you have had an accident or break-down, contact our towing professionals at 585-924-3470.

Light Duty Towing

Farmington Service offers light-duty towing services. You can expect quality service from our experienced towing professionals. Please call us at 585-924-3470.

Local Towing

Need towing? Farmington Service provides local towing. Let one of our experienced professionals help you. Please contact us at 585-924-3470, and we will get to you promptly so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Long Distance Towing

Looking for long-distance towing? You've come to the right place. Trust Farmington Service's experienced towing professionals to tow your vehicle.

Off Road Recovery

If your vehicle has gotten stuck off-road, we're happy to help you recover it! Give Farmington Service a call at 585-924-3470 for expert, professional towing services.

Rotator / Crane Service

Farmington Service has a rotator crane for recovery jobs or any job where an object is just too large to move by other means. Rotator cranes are perfect for tight situations. From tight working areas to low ceilings, a crane can offer more equipment moving and hauling capabilities. Call our experts today at 585-924-3470.

RV & Motor Home Towing

Not all companies can tow RVS and motor homes. Farmington Service is experienced in towing both RVs and motor homes. Call us at 585-924-3470 for expert, professional towing services.

Small and Medium Truck Towing

Farmington Service provides expert, quality towing services from our experienced towing professionals. Please call us at 585-924-3470 for small and medium truck towing.

Underwater Recovery

Farmington Service has trained professionals who can recover your submerged vehicle. Contact us at 585-924-3470 so we can discuss your situation and towing needs.

Wheel Lifts

Farmington Service offers repossession services, using wheel lifts if necessary. Please call us at 585-924-3470 to discuss your needs!

To learn more about our Towing services, call us at 585-924-3470 or request a quote by clicking below: